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Twister The ClownMichael has been performing magic as a magician for over 25 years. He has traveled across Canada entertaining in schools, malls, nightclubs, restaurants and had numerous appearances on television. Another aspect of his unique performance is his trade shows. Michael custom tailors each trade show appearance to promote clients products or services. In most cases, magic effects are created or routines to the actual product. So, whether it is a close-up or stage performances, for small intimate gatherings or large corporations, Michael has a way to ENTERTAIN that suits any budget.

Michael is just that, 'a clown.' Twister is one of the few professional clowns to break out of the mold and dare to be different. Michael strives to promote what an entertainer really is; a comedic performer. For this reason, his main show is not just a magic show but a entertaining comedy fun show. His ability to adlib and improvise sets him apart from other performers. In the past, Twister has performed magic for Tony Curtis, David Copperfield, Jerry Van Dyke, Gordie Tapp, Meatloaf and Jim Carey just to name a few.

Twister has been twisting balloons for 20 years and in 1989, he put out one of the first videos that taught how to twist balloons titled, "Balloon Creations." This video has been sold in countries around the world. Twister has even developed a weave technique used to create large multi-balloon sculptures. This method is now being used by balloon twisters around the world thanks to Larry Moss of Balloon Headquarters.

Michael Picard


TWISTER, (HE WAS ONLY KNOWN AS MICHAEL THEN) has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years   and has performed for audiences across Canada. Since the age of 11 (this was when he was first introduced to the art of magic.) to when he was 12 years when in search of an audience, he would go door - to - door willing to perform for anyone who would answer.(if only he had combined this with "AVON" he would be rich today).
Since then MICHAEL  has appeared on several Television shows , theatres, nightclubs and restaurants. Including a     2 1/2  year engagement at Stages Night club. Then TWISTER was born  from many comedic performances and the idea of costumes and fresh new look (and I'm not in the witness relocation program) became the clown in me!


TWISTER is more than a magician, he is an ENTERTAINER, and it is for this reason that TWISTER has various acts that he offers, such as Magic, Comedic performances, Balloon twisting in formats such as: Close-up, Stage and Corporate settings.

Close- up
Close-up  entertaining is when the magic happens under your nose and in your  hands. Such as cards ,coins etc.  
Balloon sculptures can also be incorporated with these shows.
  This form is perfect for restaurants                          


This is my favorite as it allows the true comedic artist in TWISTER to be released as he has fun with the crowd as they go about their business.
This form is perfect for malls. In the mall setting it is great as malls are indoors with no worry of bad weather and when advertised gets the audience into the mall and does not just invite them in for minimal time frames as with set show times for the stage performance.
As well, balloons can be incorporated into this type of show.

Twister's Stage performance offer a unique blend of   Magic and Stand-up comedy. Combined with   audience participation and Twister's sharp wit  can only equal fun and surprises. This is a real crowd pleaser.

Conventions and Clubs

Twister can show others in the field of entertaining his many views and methods of Entertaining for groups from a small Clown Ring or magic club., even your next clown convention etc. In these lectures and demonstrations , many different areas are shared such as "Entertaining with Balloons", "Impromptu performances", "improvisational skills" and more!

TWISTER offers  corporate events for sales meetings.(let's motivate!)Trade shows (let's move it!) and travel ( let's move!)    TWISTER incorporates  your    companies product or service into his performance which in turn advertises in a subtle manner that helps the product be remembered longer and more favorably. these types of shows usually involve Michael as himself and not  TWISTER .                

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